Jess Ting, M.D.

Gender Reassignment Surgeon

A nationally recognized plastic surgeon, Dr. Jess Ting was at the peak of his career when, in March of 2016, he walked away from his old specialty and retrained in the emerging field of gender affirmation surgery. He became director of surgery at the newly created Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital.



Once a successful male model, Mahogany left the business to focus on her transition. After a historical court battle, she became the first of Dr. Ting's patients to have facial feminization surgery covered by Medicaid, a cause she continues to champion on behalf of other transgender people.

Garnet Rubio


Garnet is part of a new generation of transgender youth. Unlike generations of trans people before her, she has had the full support of her family. In order to transition and receive proper healthcare, however, Garnet uprooted herself from Texas at age 19, and moved to New York City.



Leiomy is an internationally celebrated Vogue dancing legend who recently partnered with Nike for the #BeTrue ad to promote transgender awareness. A Bronx-raised Puerto Rican trans woman, she has also been an inspiration to her community by always following a path of self-respect and happiness.


Non-binary activist

Jordan and their wife Alicia met and fell in love while on a queer-specific Birthright tour of Israel. Both have been outspoken about many LGBTQ issues, but when they meet Dr. Ting, they are focused on one very personal choice: “Almost as important as getting a penis, is getting rid of my vagina.” Jordan is one of Dr. Ting's first phalloplasty patients.


Former sex worker

Cashmere left her home as a teenager and lived a lonely life on the streets, spending much of her earnings on black market non-medical silicone injections. Now, she is being treated by Dr. Ting to repair damage done to her body in order to become the woman she is.